Silage Bag

silage bag

Silage Bag

Brain Chamber Polysacks engaged in manufacturing and exporting high quality silo bags. It is use for storing and fertilize the animal fodder or dry grains. We manufacture our bags with 100%polypropynene granules which get converted into fabric of silo bag. We export silage bag, bunker sheets and silage wrap bale to our customers as per there packaging needs. Bags come with 50 kg, 100 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg holding capacity. Dry grains as maze, sorghum are filled in bag by filling machine and made air tight to get fertilize and stored for long time.

Bag comes with 3 film layer of white and black with UV protection, soft and durable. It’s an storage bag offer lowest capital investment and stored your grains and animal fodder which come in use when the weather condition changes and we don’t have enough fodder available.


Our Products

bunker cover

Silage sheets/Bunker Cover

Brain Chamber Polysacks is engaged in manufacturing Bunker Covers. It’s an 3 layer co-extruded LDPE sheet which provide excellent UV resistance properties to protects grains for longer period of time.

silage green bag

Green Bag/Silage Bag

Brain Chamber Polysacks is engaged in manufacturing Green Silo Bag. Green Bag develop for storage and fermentation of animal fodder. It offers more advantage and benefits than traditional silage bag.

silage bale wrap

Silage Bale Wrap

Brain Chamber Polysacks is engaged in manufacturing Silage Bale Wrap. A bag with excellent and high performance film which run on all wrappers and can be use in round and square bale silage storing.